Welcome to Neels Nurseries

Neels Nurseries is a wholesale nursery, situated in the Agassiz area of the Fraser Valley, BC. We specialize in growing caliper trees and conifers for re-wholesalers to the landscape trade as well as garden centers.

  • Top Quality Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
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Here at Neels...

...we are dedicated to growing field and container-grown nursery stock on over 50 acres of leased and owned land.

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Committed to growing high-quality nursery stock
  • 15 years of service to the industry

We Tree You Right

Anyone can grow a tree? Well, anyone may be able to plant a tree, but not everyone can grow and maintain thousands of healthy trees year upon year.

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  • Call us for digging.
  • Let us help you do trees right!

Working Hard

From preparing the ground, to planting, to nurturing, to protecting, to digging, to transporting - here at Neels we strive to bring our customers the best and healthiest trees available!

  • We do the work For you!
  • Planting, growing, digging
  • Contact Neels Nurseries today!

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Treeing you right.

Providing you with well-grown, well-nurtured plants. You will get the best, because we grow the best.

Our Diligence.

We don't just plant a seed then relax and wait for growth. At Neels we work hard for your trees.

Your Satisfaction.

Yes, we care about trees. But we also care about you and are at work to satisfy your customer needs.

Everyone's Time.

Time is money. Delays are inconvenient. We believe excellent service also means proficiency in filling orders.

Our showcase.

These are just a few of our offerings. Have a look at the variety of products we offer

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