For a list of available products please contact us.

Getting trees to you in four easy steps

1st step

Call/Email our sales team to inquire about products & services, to get an updated availability list, or to request a quote.

2nd step

Fill out a credit application (if you haven't already) and email to our sales team. Once you have finalized order, submit your PO to us.

3rd step

Sales will confirm PO numbers and sizes once stock can be properly graded (fall-winter time for caliper trees; anytime for other products).

4th step

Arrange transport 4-6 weeks before desired arrival. Or, ask us to arrange transport. Expect your product to arrive looking beautiful!

Put us to work for you!

The folks at Neels Nurseries know how to do trees, and do them right. Our goal is not simply to plant, grow, and dig, but to provide healthy, top-notch trees that have been nurtured through care, precision, and hard work.

Not only are we about providing top-notch products, but we also strive to ensure all of our customers receive prompt and friendly service. We are not happy, if you are not happy.

Good trees? Yes. Friendly service? Yes. But what about on time delivery? We're glad you asked. At Neels another goal of ours is to get you your trees, not "when we get to it", but when you need them!

Not only will we provide quality products, on time, with friendly service, but these products will arrive packaged right and looking beautiful!